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outside the box

As a young man, I learned carpentry and furniture construction, blacksmithing, some tinsmithing, machining and metals fabrication (welding, forming, etc.), mechanics and more. This was the benefit of growing up a son of a talented New England Craftsman. Another was the having a Commercial Artist as a mother. Her gift taught me graphic design, advertising art, 2D and 3Dimensional design and so much more.

From this I learned and became a practitioner of how to create, a student in methods used. I was raised to embrace craftsmanship and quality and appreciate the pride from doing so. It is my hope that I bring these attributes to every person and project I become involved with. I look forward to this journey.

Edward c. Owen




Artisan-Visum (Latin for sight, vision) represents my more than 35 years of experience. Starting back in 1979 as a machine and tool designer and progressing through the next three decades learning a great deal across many disciplines; automation, robotics and steel fabrication in the eighties, through the nineties, it was a myriad of products, toys, medical, consumer, military along with others, into the now; processing, product strategies, product architecture, embracing more learning every day. 

Through this journey I have developed expert knowledge and skills around what it is to conceive, create, development and manufacture ideas into tangibles. 

NOVO (invent)       EFFICIO (create)     INVENIO (discover)