A Near Complete  Client Listing (some smaller or one-offs are not listed)

Acufex Microsurgical Inc., Acushnet Co., Amazon Go, American Biophysics Corp., Art Technology Group Inc., Arichell, Aseco Inc., AS&E Inc., Asahi-America Inc., Bay Audio Inc., Baxter Healthcare, Bose, Bostitch, Ciba-Corning Diagnostics (Bayer) (ISDA Medical Device Award Winner), Combimatrix, Cramer (Harbor Medical) (MDM Award Winner), Emerson & Cuming, EMC, Fax International Inc., FaceBook Reality Labs, Fishman Transducer Corp., Foster-Miller Inc., General Dynamics, GTE Government Systems, Hasbro Inc. (Parents’ Choice Award Winner), Haemonetics, HP Inc., Instron Inc., Invision Products, Innov-X Systems, Katalyst-Fitness, Knight Medical Inc., LTX Inc., Microsoft Corporation (XBOX) (ISDA Gold, Silver and Bronze Winner), Midas Vision Systems, Mira Inc., Niton Corporation, The Ocean Group, Packaging Industries Inc., Parker Nichols, Zenith Pump Div., Safety 1st (Parents Choice Award Winner), S&H Diagnostics, The Stilwell Group, Teledyne Rodney Metals, Tenebraex Inc., Texas Instruments Inc., Thermax Inc., TissueLink Medical, Valve Corporation

A portfolio and resume is available through links on the AV Services page.

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