[said in a James Earle Jones kinda voice] "Long ago, when humankind was but an infant (for those keeping track that's now about 500,000 years ago according to the latest findings) the world was visited by an ancient and powerful race."

Humans referred to them as " the Whispers" or "the Shadows" in various tongues. Always as a reference to something unseen but present. The very existence of humankind is attributed to these beings, though this may simply be our own arrogance and sense of self importance. However, there are common threads throughout the races that suggest a common origin. Much of humankinds recorded history is fraught with falsehoods and incorrect interpretations of the past, both distant and recent.

Our story starts with the Irish mis-tellings of their beliefs of the near ancients that came to live on the isles before humans became the power. Of these there are three races that are predominant, the first are the Firbolg, those of the beasts and of old earth magic's, The second are the Fomorians, they who draw their magic's also from the earth though commonly thought of as elemental magic, earth, wind, water and fire. This more distinctive magic proved more powerful than the old earth magic. This is believed to be because it is more defined, its elements separate and re-blended. The old earth magic is crude and blended without direct influence of the wielder. The last of the near-ancients are the Tuatha De Danann. They are the holders of life magic. This is the magic of essence over all things living.

Over the ages, the humans of the isles have passed their understanding, their legends, of these folk into their collective memories. Born into our consciousness as the Fae and other creatures of myth.

We have started to tell this tale, enjoy the first writings within these pages. More will be added as we grow the story of Mori.


ZBZ Prelude (notes by the authors)

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